When the veterinarian at Angel Memorial said that my 13 year old cat, Maggie, had kidney stones I knew that we were on a bad path. The options discussed were dietary changes and surgery. I felt that Maggie may not do well with surgery and from the vet’s description there were many kidney stones. Maggie was prescribed antibiotics and we went home to think about our options.

The week before, I saw a poster advertising an animal energy healer and animal communicator. I thought, this is our chance. I had seen so many successes with Tong Ren therapy (including healing my mother’s lung cancer over 5 years prior) I quickly called Marcia Zais to make an appointment. That phone call was the best thing I ever did for my kitties and has brought insight and support for me too.

After the first two treatments with Marcia, Maggie was feeling just fine. After a few more appointments Maggie’s kidney stones were gone! To this day, she is a happy and healthy kitty. I was able to change the diet of all my cats with great advice from Marcia. Due to the dietary change, we were never impacted by the tainted pet food and my cats are much healthier. We have a weekly appointment now to maintain good health and communication. Marcia’s gifts have created health, harmony, and happiness for my kitties and for me too! I recommend Marcia and her gifts most highly.
– Susan Scolles

In March we adopted an 85lb, 10 year old black lab, Ryder. He was about the sweetest boy we had ever met and instantly fell in love.

Noticing right away, that he was having some difficulty peeing, we took him to the vet. After many test and several doctors, it was determined that he had advanced cancer: prostate, bladder, urethras, and possibly one kidney. The prognosis was certain: 2 to 4 weeks.

Not wanting to put him through anything painful or limiting the quality of life he had left, we decided to contact Marcia. Although we were in another state, Marcia connected with Ryder and began her gentle healing work right away. This method of healing transformed our belief system and opened our hearts and minds to possibilities.

Six months have gone by and Ryder is the healthiest he has ever been. His coat is shiny, his energy is bursting, his tail ways constantly, and he shares his love with complete trust and abandon! This I believe, is because of Marcia and the beautiful gift she shares of communication, connection and healing.
-- Lynn McCarcy Old Lyme, CT

"Being able to become more intuitive and communicate with animals is a talent a has the sensitivity and connectiveness to help the animal care-taker and their beloved animals to have a deeper understanding. Shes in QiGong, Tong Ren, and Animal communication… "
-- Margo Roman, DVM, Hopkinton, MA

"The weekend seminar with Marcia has had a profound impact on my life. I was introduced to a gift that I did not know I possessed. This gift has improved every aspect of my life… "
-- Cathy Dicker, RN -Carver, MA

"I have communicated with many animals since the day I left your workshop it has made a world of difference with my work at the shelter… "
-- Nicole Lassiter, MSPCA, Metheun, MA

“I really didn’t believe I could communicate with my animals, but I wanted to try. After one workshop I was amazed at what I could pick up. Eight years later, I am still going deeper and am continually honored and humbled by what comes through. Marcia is a great teacher.”
-- Laura Sperazi, Westminster -Vermont

"I recommend this class to anyone and everyone who has an animal in their life. I can honestly say I walked away from the weekend and being able to communicate with animals…I am still communicating… "
-- Jenn Sommermann, L.M.T., -Wellesley Hills, MA

"Your seminar was - by far- the best I have ever attended. I went into the workshop not even knowing what to ask and left feeling at peace and confident... "
-- Jane Hamilton -Orchard Park, NY

"Thank you for making the obvious so clear to me."
-- Patricia Hoffert -West Seneca, NY

"The animal communication workshop literally opened up a whole new
world to me. Not only was I able to create a closer rapport with my animals but with the spirit world as well. "
-- Mona Sansoucy Gaudett -Sutton, MA

We called Marcia when our elderly German Shepard Violet, was suddenly having more trouble walking and had an even more pronounced head tilt then she had before. Marcia worked with us and Violet for a while on the phone, making several recommendations for her food and doing Tong Ren energy healing. Over the next few days, Violet got noticeably better. There is now more spring in her step, her head tilt is better, and she is walking much straighter. Thank you Marcia.
Elise and Ella Zoller

Marcia came into our life when our beloved Ginger had just had a mast cell tumor removed from her foot. The veterinary oncologist told us: "you'll be putting that dog down in 30 - 90 days if you don't do chemotherapy". I am a natural health care practitioner, and would normally never consider chemo as a first resort, but I was in shock and fear, and considering starting chemo. On the first call Marcia recommended,in addition to the Tong Ren, that we change Ginger's diet and use some flower essences, which we still continue. My husband and I decided against chemotherapy. We have had Ginger treated by Marcia individually, and on the Thursday Tong Ren web treatment, and the Monday Tong Ren phone call every single week since we got the "death sentence". We also pursued herbal and BiCom energetic treatments from our holistic vet.

On Thanksgiving, it will be 6 months and 1 week of happy,healthy, days with our beloved friend. Ginger was checked with 2 biopsies last week with negative results of any mast cells. She is 11 years old, and still plays with her "baby" and jumps up and down to go on walks, and chases squirrels. She is better than she was before the mast cell. We thank God for Tong Ren and especially for Marcia.
Andrea Robbins, Atlanta GA

I called Marcia about my 11 year old Wheaton terrier, Willow. She had been in pain for several months, unable to walk except to go to the bathroom. She had x-rays, ultra-sound, physical therapy and different allopathic medications to make her more comfortable. Their diagnosis ranged from bicepidal tendonitis to knee problems. After more than $1000, nothing had helped. Her main vetenarian told me that Willow was old and would probably be like this for the rest of her life.

After the first Tong Ren treatment, WIllow's whole demeanor brightened and she had way more energy but still difficulty walking. After several Tong Ren sessions, Marcia , with her intuitive skills, worked on WIllow for a recurrence of Lyme disease even though the blood test was negative, and within 36 hours, Willow was running with us in the woods totally and 100% pain-free. It has been a total miracle. Willow continues to get stronger and stronger and is basically back to her old self, full of energy and enjoying our time together in the woods.

I have loved working with Marcia. Her warmth, kindness, expertise and total confidence in her work was healing for me as well as for Willow. She has been extremely patient and her communication with WIllow has been clear, direct and always correct. She is a superb resource for treating the body/mind/spirit of your animal. I'm so happy to have discovered her.
Joyce Friedman

Marcia Zais saved my dog over the telephone! So if that doesn’t sound like a tabloid headline, I don’t know what does. However, it is true. When I came to Marcia in desperation, my dog wasn’t eating or drinking and I had to administer a saline drip daily. I had spent thousands over three months with my vet between tests and medicines and nothing was working. After Maggie’s first consultation and Tong Ren treatment, she started eating and drinking again. Her recovery has been a gradual, wonderful process. Marcia suggested dietary changes for Maggie and helped me tone down enough so my anxiety wasn’t creating a feedback loop with Maggie. I am learning how to work with the Tong Ren so that when Maggie needs a boost I can help her too. Being able to participate in healing makes a huge difference. Tong Ren is fascinating and powerful. The more I learn, the more I want to know. When I count my blessings Marcia is definitely at the top of the list.
Ansley Pearce
I recall the incident when My 8 year old cat Disney was quite ill and suffering from renal failure and other symptoms of unknown origin. I was driving him to the vet and decided to call Marcia for assistance, perhaps either Tong Ren or communication for better insights. Disney was very lethargic and refusing to move and unable to walk. When I reached Marcia by phone we were in the parking lot of the vet and she begin working on him and doing Tong Ren. Within about 3 or 4 minutes Disney begin meowing and got up and walked around the cat carrier. He instantaneously responded to the energy and was much more active and energetic. I honestly was amazed and overjoyed at the sudden and visible response. I was most grateful for the assistance and inspiring insights that Marcia brought to that experience. She is a skilled and dedicated and compassionate health care provider and amazing at what she does.
Marriane H, Hopkinton, MA

I have consulted with Marcia for over three years. I am an avid animal lover and do not trust many easily, regardless of their pure intent, with the care of my feline family members or those of others. Maricia is a very gifted healer for animals and her expertise in Tong Ren has helped me countless of times with the cats I have rescued. She has both worked on my cats directly with the use of Tong Ren as well as directed me on the underlying medical and emotional issues that are at the root of their symptoms. Both her psychic ability with the animals as well as her use of Tong Ren to promote healing to the core issues of the problem has been no less than magnificent for my cats; for both healing or helping them pass easily and with peace at their time. As a direct result of my experiences with Marcia and her use of Tong Ren I became trained in Tong Ren and utilize this healing with my own cats as well as other animals. The process and results remain constant and consistant; reaching, healing and addressing the core issue(s). Thank you again Marcia.....
Colleen H., MSW Boston, Massachusetts

I have a horse that developed an abscess under his jaw. The abscess would swell up, burst and expel pus and blood, heal over, and then repeat the process. Three different vets examined it. Antibiotics were tried and while the abscess was better on antibiotics (slower to swell up), it never went away. Once off antibiotics, the abscess would go right back to what it did before. None of the vets wanted to excise it as the abscess was too near major nerves and blood vessels. So I was ready to try anything and decided to try Tong Ren. Marcia and I worked weekly on the abscess and I noticed that the swell, burst, heal cycle would take longer. Then after about six months it was gone and has yet to reappear after three years. So although Tong Ren seems unreal, I can’t deny that it works!
Sue Provenzano and Noble Saint (horse)

I have been working with Marcia for three years, we have used Tong Ren to take headaches away, relieve upset stomach, reduce symptoms of colds and flus, and dissolve kidney stones; it has been phenomenal for me. However Marcia does not stop at addressing physical symptoms. She works with compassion, love and skill over time to uncover the roots of illness offering insight and guidance to support the transformation necessary for lasting health. Working with Marcia has changed my life, I feel the healthiest I have ever been!
Keith Person

Several years ago, I found Marcia just in time for my kitty, Maggie. Marcia was able to treat her and extend her life and her quality of life. Along with Maggie, Marcia has treated me and my other cats. Marcia has helped us through a variety of changes. The most important pieces of Marcia's treatments for me is the healing and the peace of mind her treatments provide. Marcia is a sensitive and gifted person who offers non intrusive healing to people and animals. I am so glad I found her.
Susan Scolles and kitties


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