The most obvious response is unconditional love. And in receiving this, our love expands more fully and deeply. We extend this to other parts of our lives, and we become better humans because of this gift.

We learn to trust, because our love is so huge. And in doing this, we can begin to understand and accept the circumstances as they have been presented to us.

We learn to let go. We come to place within us where we choose to put the animal’s needs and wishes before our own. This is a giant leap into the unknown, and some of us are more reluctant than others. Our loved ones usually wait for us to, trust this feeling inside and let go first. We cannot create a rich full life for ourselves and our loved ones, if we hold on without letting go. Our animals, who do not live long lives in comparison to most humans, teach us this over and over again.

We learn about living in the moment, for that is an animals’ focus. This becomes particularly apparent to us as we walk through the final stages of life with our loved one. When we are able to live in the moment, we are truly living!





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